Phone scammers' tricks caught on tape: Three men who tricked their victim into handing over her £12,000 savings on the phone have been caught on tape, thanks to her son's premonition. View It.

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Phone scammers' tricks caught on tape: Three men who tricked their victim into handing over her £12,000 savings on the phone have been caught on tape, thanks to her son's premonition. View It.

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Nearly one million 'face mortgage woe': Nearly a million homeowners have no way of paying off their mortgages because they opted for interest-only loans, Citizens Advice warns. View It.

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Thirty Dollar Unit is resolving AlertPay issue…

January 27th, 2009 | Posted in alertpay, solid trust pay, thirty dollar unit

It appears that some people have created difficulties at Thirty Dollar Unit by making mistakes at AlertPay. It seems that a lot of people use the Thirty Dollar Unit email address in the payment details which is clearly incorrect. Also, someone may have tried to open an AlertPay account with the Thirty Dollar Unit email details which has caused increased difficulties.

Luckily the admin is well aware of the situation and is in the process of clearing the problem up.

It’s a shame that this has happened at such a key time for the programme as final applications are required by mid-February. So, for the time being the only payment method available is Solid Trust Pay.

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Cash Master proves to be a reliable source of information…

January 26th, 2009 | Posted in Uncategorized
I’ve mentioned Graham Laurie’s website, Cash Master blog, several times in various posts mainly to highlight that he also trades with the Ultimate FX Predictor.

Whilst this is the main reason I check this site regularly I have in the past used it for finding out whether other programmes are worth trying.

As Graham markets his own horse racing system it won’t come as a surprise that most of the systems tested on his site are related to the sport of Kings. In the past I’ve tried several of these but not really found one that I could make a reliable profit with so I’ve shifted my attention to Forex.

However, for anyone who is interested in learning more about horse racing systems then the Cash Master blog is a very worthwhile place to start.

What I like is that Graham uses several people to help him test various systems by both providing daily results and a fuller review after the service has been tested for a while.

Doing it this way I believe provides an impartial assessment of any product and I would always take a look here before making a purchase.

The latest system tested is Golden Keys and whilst the tester made a good profit over the test period they did point out several things to bear in mind if someone was considering a purchase.

All in all I thoroughly recommend the Cash Master blog if you want to find ways of adding an online investment to your portfolio.
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Foolproof Evening Trading maintain good results…

January 25th, 2009 | Posted in Foolproof Evening Trading, Louise Woof, Market Indices
It’s been three weeks since the official launch of Foolproof Evening Trading from Louise Woof. I’ve written several posts since then on how the system is doing. The first introduced the service, the second provided an update in the early stages and the third gave feedback on enhancements and the likelihood that the price would rise soon.

Louise has now provided the results of the three weeks trading and in summary they show a profit of 470 pips. This is based on using IG Index and evening trading only. Using the Capital Spreads platform the return is 217 pips based on the same criteria.

Note that I’ve reported evening results first as I would imagine for most people these are of the most significance. It is possible to trade from mid afternoon and if we look at those results we have 1095 pips on IG Index and 552 for Capital Spreads.

So, there is definitely potential for long term profit here even if you only trade in the evenings. Obviously to achieve results like those above you would need to trade for the full three hours each evening of the week which may not be practical for everyone. With that in mind it should still be possible to achieve between 100 and 200 pips a week irrespective of which platform you use.

In Louise’s latest email she drops a very large hint that the price of Foolproof Evening Trading is likely to rise in price very soon so if you would like to buy it at the early bird price of £157 then I’d suggest you act sooner rather than later. There is a 30 day money back period which provides reassurance that you can try without losing your money if it’s not for you.

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FAPTurbo and Forex Auto Scalper suffer in volatile conditions…

January 24th, 2009 | Posted in EA, FAP Turbo, Fap Turbo review, forex, Forex Auto Scalper, FX Pro, patience, psychology
I mentioned at the end of last week that I would not be trading with FAP Turbo or Forex Auto Scalper this week as events in the US and general economic conditions seem to be hanging heavily on the market.

This seems to have been a wise decision as reading various reports things have not worked well this week. Right at the beginning of the week I noticed a trade on my Forex Auto Scalper that resulted in a 20 pip loss (this was outside of normal trading time) so I immediately closed it down.

Reading the FAP Turbo forum there are many posts where people have experienced losses, especially on the GBPCHF. Some people have lost a sizeable amount of their bank and are smarting from the experience.

Having said all that I believe there is some evidence that the big losers were using settings that were less than conservative so there is a case for reaping what you sow to some extent.

A very useful site that will provide detail trades on both FXDD and FX Pro live accounts is FapTurbo Review. When you sign up with your email they will send you a weekly commentary on how they fared during the week. They also show the settings they use to help newcomers.

I will watch how things go next week to decide whether I will start up either FAP Turbo or Forex Auto Scalper for trading. As said on many comments I’ve seen being out of the market in volatile times is just as important an investment strategy as being in it when profits are being made.

Again, many people seem to expect these tools to provide instant profits of a sizeable nature. I think this is the wrong approach. Time is on your side because the market is always there and as long as you use compounding sensibly the long term is a better bet for overall profitability.
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Thirty Dollar Unit announces date for cycle closure…

January 23rd, 2009 | Posted in alertpay, thirty dollar unit
Good news for members of Thirty Dollar Unit as the closing date for this cycle has been announced. All applications now need to be submitted by the 13 February which is just three weeks away.

The admin has issued an email advising of the closing date and providing instructions for those members who have had problems with validating payments up to now.

The hope is that all membership applications can be processed fairly quickly with the aim to start payouts in early March. Perhaps time for a caveat here as personally I think that is a fairly ambitious timescale but hopefully I could be proved wrong.

Thirty Dollar Unit is designed to pay out $12,500 for each $30 dollar unit (although you can get more per unit if you sponsor others). Payment is via AlertPay only so if you want to join and you don’t have an AlertPay account then I’d recommend that you spend some time doing this in the very near future.

One good thing about AlertPay is that you can often make deposits directly from your bank account rather than having to use a third party payment processor.

Once this Thirty Dollar Unit cycle is over there is an indication that another one will start but you should bear in mind that there may be restrictions on who is able to take advantage so it may pay to get at least one unit now which should set you up well for the next cycle.
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Foolproof Evening Trading increases hours and soon price…

January 19th, 2009 | Posted in Foolproof Evening Trading, IG Index, Louise Woof, Market Indices
It appears that Foolproof Evening Trading has become very popular with users and Louise Woof, who developed the system, has been busy updating things.

Having been asked if the system could be used for a longer time period Louise has said that it can be used starting at 2.30PM BST which gives another three and a half hours each trading day. Team this up with using IG Index and you could find yourself with a very manageable system. The extra hours and more ambitious criteria with IG Index will allow you to be more selective as to when and how long you trade.

Louise sends out regular email updates with hints and tips on how to maximise your success with Foolproof Evening Trading so even if you are new to the whole business of spread betting it shouldn’t take too long to get up to speed.

There have also been requests for Louise to publish weekly results so that people can check that they are using the system correctly. The first results were recently issued and I can confirm that they matched the paper trading I did on the Finspreads account I was using.

I’m looking at funding my IG Index account to take advantage of the increased number of trades with this platform and once attention is away from the new US President being sworn in I’ll look to actively trade.

It’s perhaps no surprise that as this product has been well received the price is likely to rise very soon. It’s currently £157 as an early bird bonus. Don’t forget that there is a 30 day money back guarantee if it doesn’t suit your circumstances so is worth buying now before the price goes up.
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Nick Laight’s What Really Makes Money…

January 18th, 2009 | Posted in business opportunity, Nick Laight, What Really Makes Money
As I’ve mentioned in previous posts I follow various forums and newsletters that are to do with opportunities for making money online.

One such service is Nick Laight’s newsletter What Really Makes Money. Interestingly enough I’ve seen quite a few google searches suggesting that Nick’s offering is something of a scam. I disagree.

In my opinion Nick provides a service to a wide range of opportunity seekers based on business models that can work as long as people are willing to put the effort in and follow the directions. This, I think, is where the perception of a scam is created. Some people do expect money to come pouring into their accounts with the minimum of effort and when this doesn’t happen they feel cheated and publish misleading statements.

Now, I’m not suggesting that Nick is a knight in shining armour as his role is to market opportunities and clearly he makes a profit by doing this. Where, perhaps he could be more realistic is in some of the claims that are made in his copywriting. As with any opportunity it is very rare for everyone to make massive profits and yet the copy we see is always somewhat hyped up. I’m not suggesting that Nick is doing anything wrong it’s just that any person considering his offers should fully appreciate the likelihood of them being able to reproduce the profits he quotes.

In most cases Nick will offer a refund period so if people are unhappy then they should ask for their money back.

In the latest edition of What Really Makes Money there are opportunities for micro auctions, the Narconomics system, Fire safety, niche group tours, upvc cleaning, wheelie bin cleaning and a simple spread betting system.

All of these would appeal to different people and have different requirements. So, there is plenty of suggestions for good business ideas.

If you are looking to find a sustainable business opportunity, especially in these difficult economic times then a subscription to What Really Makes Money is not a bad idea.
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3 steps to online investing success…part 3

January 17th, 2009 | Posted in FAP Turbo, Foolproof Evening Trading, Forex Auto Scalper, global pension plan, imperia invest, me2everyone, secure your future, thirty dollar unit, ultimate forex predictor
In this third and final post about the how to start in online investing I’m going to make some suggestions for those who are just starting out. Hopefully this will help to save you time and also provide some guidelines on the do’s and don’ts of this precarious endeavour.
Before making any specific recommendations it’s worth clarifying exactly what range of investments I’m referring to when I talk about online investing. Broadly speaking there are two types:
    • Active
    • Passive
I’m going to start with Active programs as they are best suited to those who have little or no capital to start with. Once you have earned a reasonable amount through these programs you can then start to make deposits in Passive funds where the work is done for you.Active investments as suggested require some action on your part. This may be in the form of recruiting others or by using signals from software or other means to trade.Let’s start on the assumption that you have no money to invest at all. Firstly, don’t expect that you will wake up one day to find vast sums of money flooding into your account, this happens to a very small minority so is not a good way to plan for yourself. If you are happy to recruit others then I’d recommend signing up at me2everyone, for free. When you do you will be eligible for 1,000 free shares in this new UK company. They have ambitious plans to leverage Web 2.0 capability by building online communities where everyone can prosper. By recommending others you will earn more shares and as the company grows the value of these shares will increase. All memberships are free and as everyone receives 1,000 shares on joining it’s a good way to get started.

If trading on the markets appeals to you then I have three recommendations to make. Firstly George Smith at Forex Trading made e-z has a strategy that can provide a steady return with minimal risk. At $77 for his e-book and video’s this is great value for money. As his trading style may not suit everyone he provides a full 60 day money back refund policy.

For those who people who can practice both discipline and patience the I would recommend investing £200 with Full Time Betting Income. This is a service that uses Betfair so will not be available to everyone, however, if you can sign up then this is definitely worth a try. By starting with a relatively small sum of money much of the stress of losing runs is taken away. If you haven’t already guessed this is a system that focuses on horse racing where you are laying horses to lose. As you target horses that are favourites the odds are low and any losses are manageable. Follow the rules and in three or four years you should be seeing an annual return of £30K-£40K.

Okay, so now let’s look at some Passive opportunities. Here all you need to do is provide the funds and leave the hard work to others. Whilst several of these opportunities don’t cost much to join you should note that they don’t provide a great deal of information about how they work and their communication is not always that great. One place where you can get up to date information about most of them is at the Secure Your Future forum so if you do consider parting with funds then I’d recommend you join this forum as well.

Realistically there are many failures in the passive income arena and posts I’ve made chronicle the ongoing disappointments. And yet, there is a small spot of light at the end of the tunnel. Having risen from past failures Newgni is a programme that definitely looks to have a solid business plan. Again, even if you start with a small sum, practice patience and discipline you can within a few years be earning a very tidy income.

If you are looking to start some online investments as described above you will obviously need to consider some of the points raised in my first post that relates to the psychology of investing and when satisfied that you match the personality type you can move on the next stage which is finding a payment processor as described in my second post.
Take your time in reading about all the opportunities presented here and please let me know of any questions you might have. Good luck.


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Foolproof Evening Trading System update…

January 16th, 2009 | Posted in Foolproof Evening Trading, Louise Woof, Market Indices
I always find it interesting when a new programme or service is launched aimed at online investing. The developer/author obviously makes certain assumptions about how people will use their new product and create the rules on this basis.

As Louise Woof of Foolproof Evening Trading has discovered people don’t always do what you expect them to.

When the system was launched Loiuse recommended that users could use one of two spread betting firms, Capital Spreads or IG Index. She suggested that people use the charts provided by Capital Spreads even if trading on IG Index.

As it turns out most people would rather use the charts from IG Index if they are trading with that platform. The outcome of this is that Louise has issued an update to the effect that when using IG Index charts the criteria for identifying a trade can be altered slightly.

As Louise explains the overall strike rate shouldn’t change so you’d still be looking in the region of 70% successful trades overall.

I’m using Finspreads for trading so I’ll keep to the original settings. You can see the results that I’m getting paper trading in the comments section of this post.

If you are interested in learning more about Louise’s product then click here.
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Forex Auto Scalper shows no trades for 3rd day in a row…

January 15th, 2009 | Posted in Uncategorized
Having made the decision to add Forex Auto Scalper to my live account as described here I’m somewhat concerned that the only trade I’ve had this week has been one on Monday that resulted in a full 96 pip loss. Now I appreciate that in the normal cut and thrust of trading there will be quiet periods and also losses along the way but just having checked things for today I’m on my third day with no trade being executed.

I’ve taken a screenshot of my live account screen that shows what I see when trading and as far as I can tell there is nothing untoward, especially as it did trade on Monday.

As you’ll see it shows that it is connected to the server and is reading the correct times so I’m a little unsure of why it isn’t working. I’ll monitor again tomorrow to see if I get the same and assuming I do I’ll have to contact the developers to see what I can do.

I’d be interested to hear what other people’s experiences are, especially on live accounts. I’m using the broker FXPro and have my settings are -0.1 for Risk Level and 0 for Reference.

Looking at the Journal entry on MT4 there’s nothing untoward so guess I’ll hang in there and see what transpires

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