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Nearly one million 'face mortgage woe': Nearly a million homeowners have no way of paying off their mortgages because they opted for interest-only loans, Citizens Advice warns. View It.

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Archive for April, 2010

PTV Partner come clean (or dirty perhaps)…

April 30th, 2010 | Posted in ptv partner

So, now we know PTV Partner has made it clear that they cannot survive and they will close up immediately. When I first read the start of the latest update I knew almost immediately what would follow. It seems that recently each program admin has adopted the same approach…we tried…we failed…we’ll try and pay back to those who are not in profit!

Personally I can’t moan too much as I did receive a good return on my original investment so I’ve done okay. I’m disappointed that it won’t continue as the plans provided a good return and could have formed part of a stable rising income in the future. But that is not to be.

I do feel sympathy for two groups, firstly those people who invested additional funds into the gold project. I’m not sure that they will get their money back, hopefully they will but my head says they may be disappointed. Secondly I think that the chat room moderators have not been treated that well. From the conversations I was involved with I do believe that they had the interest of the members at heart and they have now also been let down.

If PTV every returns then clearly it won’t be the same animal and it is unlikely that it could survive in that form anyway.

If you are a member and you made a profit then the best thing would be to give thanks for that and move on. If you are one of those who are still to make a profit then I hope that you will be recompensed as promised, again best to move on and not take this disappointment too much to heart. Use what you’ve learnt to colour your decision the next time you invest.

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PTV Partner have a key few days ahead of them…

April 26th, 2010 | Posted in Liberty Reserve, ptv partner

Anyone who has been following the fortunes of PTV Partner will be keen to see how things turn out in this coming week.

In their last newsletter they made the assertion that all pending payments would be up to date by cob Tuesday 27 April. This will be a key barometer of just how well the company has overcome the recent challenges they have been facing.

Assuming that this target is achieved the next key objective will be the plan to take the programme private. The aim is that this will be completed in the next two weeks.

All investors who want to participate in this next chapter will have to sign a Non-Disclosure Agreement (NDA). This approach seems to be one that is being adopted by several online investment opportunities. Hopefully this will provide greater security and accountability going forward.

Once the programme has gone private only existing members will be able to invite new ones in to the programme. This will provide an element of validation and ensure that if problems arise there will be a direct route to sort things out.

The other big change to the programme is that going forward the only plan available will be the Prestige one that pays 190% after 40 days. This means that any new deposit will be a minimum of $200.

I’m confident that PTV Partner will overcome these latest problems and look forward to a long and prosperous association going forward.

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Kiva provides financial support to budding entrepreuners…

April 23rd, 2010 | Posted in kiva, lending

Having posted about helping the environment yesterday I thought I’d continue in the helping vein by reminding readers about Kiva.

This is an organisation that provides financial support to people in less developed countries who are running their own business and supporting a family or their local community.

Now, when I say that Kiva offer financial support what I really mean is that Kiva members offer the financial support. As a member you can make donations that will be lent out to applicants so that they can develop their business. In effect this is a loan that they agree to pay back over time.

As a lender you won’t get any interest on the money you provide but you have the satisfaction of knowing that you are contributing to the welfare of people who otherwise would find it difficult to improve their circumstances.

The funds from Kiva are managed by local charities who oversee applicants and manage the repayment of funds. As with all financial transactions there is a small possibility that your money may not be returned but Kiva make every effort to make sure that this is a very rare occurrence and from my own experience I know this to be the case.

Perhaps the best way of illustrating where your money might go is to introduce you to two people that I have recently contributed to. The first is Thao Bunthun from Cambodia who sells drinking water to support his family. He requested a loan of $1,200 to buy a truck so that he can transport his supplies. Now I didn’t provide all of this amount, in fact my donation was fairly small at $25 but as there are a lot of Kiva members it doesn’t take too long for the full sum to be realised.

The next person is Yuliya Glinyanaya from the Ukraine. She is seeking funds to buy more products for her farm supplies business. Again my $25 contribution isn’t all that she needs and only just dents the $2,525 she has requested but it’s a start and I know many other members will contribute to raise the total.

So, if the idea of helping those who are trying to improve their lives by their own efforts appeals to you why not have a look at what Kiva have to offer.

If you don’t have funds of your own to lend then perhaps you can offer your services in other ways as there are several areas where they need help.

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Celebrate Earth Day by joining TreeHa…

April 22nd, 2010 | Posted in me2everyone

Whether you’re a believer in the effects of climate change or not I’m sure like the vast majority of people you want to make the planet we inhabit the best it can be for all.

Today is Earth Day and whilst I’m certainly not of the tree hugging persuasion I do support any initiative that encourages us to improve our environment.

One inititiative that is being launched today to celebrate this is TreeHa from me2everyone. In this launch phase they are looking for people to join who are keen to help societies in Africa improve their local surroundings and increase the agricultural potential for the local people.

TreeHa is being launched with a range of membership options that require investments from as little as £1.95 (approximately $3). For this you will have 2 trees planted in an African region of your choosing. The full set of packages available are:

  1. Seed £1.95 2 trees
  2. Leaf £7.00 8 trees
  3. Branch £21.00 24 trees
  4. Tree £49.00 56 trees
  5. Woodland £392.00 448 trees
  6. Forest £2100.00 2400 trees
  7. Rainforest £4900.00 5600 trees

As I said this is the first phase and plans are to be more ambitious going into future phases. As this is an inititiative from me2everyone you will also benefit from earning shares in the company.

Now whilst m2e have been somewhat less than centre stage over the last few months they have been working in the background to bring programmes such as TreeHa to the fore. In fact this is the first of several businesses that they intend to launch over the next few months.

If you would like to learn more about TreeHa there is a comprehensive brochure available that explains everything in detail. Send an email to (replace _at_ with @) and I will forward the brochure on to you.

I think this particular initiative has a lot of potential as we are able to contribute to tree planting in many deprived areas as well as create a business for ourselves that will bring rewards of its own.

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Imperia Invest and their jack-in-the-box website…

April 20th, 2010 | Posted in Uncategorized

As we fast approach the end of April many investors who haven’t yet purchased an Imperia Invest debit card package are becoming agitated that they won’t be able to get in before the deadline.

One of the big problems is that the Imperia website keeps getting taken offline for days at a time and this only adds to the frustration.

Whilst I can’t stop Imperia from taking their site down I can provide some help for people who want to know when a the site is either up or down.

I’ve found a couple of web based services that will do the hard work for you of checking. The first is dingitsup and this looks to be very useful. You can be notified in several different ways, email, SMS or Twitter when a site goes down or comes back up.


I don’t know what sort of timelapse there is between checks but at least you don’t have to continually check back to see if the site has returned. As it also tells you when a site goes offline you’ll at least know not to waste your time checking.

The next service is perhaps less useful as it is more about testing if a site is available generally rather than monitoring if it is up or down and in most cases you’d be able to check yourself. Having said that there are times when your browser suggests a site is down when in fact for the rest of the world it is up so this could be another tool just to give yourself confidence that things are as you’re being told. With the rather verbose url of downforeveryoneorjustme you won’t be tripping thisoff the tongue too often but as I say it does provide a useful backup.

One thing that you can do is as shown in the graphic and that is to add the name of the site you are interested in to the end of the url and then save that in your Favorites. This way you can quickly check the status without having to type in the details each time.

It’s a shame that we have to resort to these measures to obtain the debit card packages but given the ever decreasing time available for purchase it is very important that members have the key data at their disposal as quickly as possible.

Perhaps you know of similar services that would help people going forward. If so don’t be afraid to post in the information in the comments section below.

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How are you doing at Affordable Affiliates…

April 19th, 2010 | Posted in Uncategorized

The reason I ask is that my own experience is not that encouraging. I signed up just under a year ago and to date I’ve made $2.10 in earnings.

And yet the idea behind Affordable Affiliates isn’t too bad. It buys low and sells high so it fits an ideal business plan you’d think. The idea is that when you join you will be allocated inventory from the gargantuan range of items they sell.

These are real ‘things’ as opposed to vague promises of money invested in various opportunities so this is a key difference from what I normally comment on.

To protect your investment you never actually have all your funds committed to one sale item, in fact the maximum investment is $10. And this is where I think some of the problems stem from. Because you have a relatively modest share of the pie any return will also be relatively modest.

The other factor to consider of course is the item being sold and how desirable it is to the Affordable Affiliate customers. My first item was a large Malaysian flag and that is still sitting in my inventory.

My one sale success to date is a dining set which seemed to sell pretty quickly.

So, what about other people and their experience. Have you joined Affordable Affiliates in the last year or so and if you have what is your experience to date. Whilst I like the idea behind it I’m not sure it’s a really viable investment opportunity for the long term although I hope to be proved wrong.

By the way if anyone would like to purchase a large Malaysian flag I know just the place to get one! There is also a wonderful dining table set!

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Daisy chain of funding to get Imperia Invest debit cards…

April 18th, 2010 | Posted in bank wire, c-gold, currency exchange, imperia invest, Liberty Reserve, swapgold

There are increasing numbers of people who are struggling to get funds to the Imperia Invest depot account in order to purchase a debit card package.

Imperia has de-activated funding through Liberty Reserve and Perfect Money and are only accepting Procurrex at the current time (that is when their site is up of course).

In essence members are being left to find ways to fund their Procurrex account in time to purchase before the end of April.

I’ve read several reports where the main exchangers SwapGold and Topex24 are struggling to provide an effective and efficient way to convert Liberty Reserve funds to Procurrex.

Looking at the SwapGold site I notice that they are encouraging purchase of Procurrex via Bank Wire so that is another avenue you might try if you can’t exchange your LR.

Another way I’ve seen reported is to exchange LR to either cgold or Global Digital Pay via WM Center. From there use SwapGold to change the cgold or GDP to Procurrex. Rather tortuous I know and you’ll need to allow for the additional fees but it does appear to be a workable option.

What about other people out there? Have you found a way to obtain Procurrex that is both economical and affordable. Let’s help each other make sure that anyone who wants to purchase an Imperia debit card has the best chance of doing so before the time limit runs out.

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PTV Partner expose the fallacy of OPM…

April 15th, 2010 | Posted in Liberty Reserve, ptv partner

In the world of online investing there are several well worn mantras that are repeated endlessly. Examples include ‘never invest more than you can afford to lose’ and ‘diversify investments to spread the risk’. All good advice.

Also repeated often is ‘recoup your investment as quickly as possible and then relax as you are using Other Peoples Money (OPM)’. So the theory is that once you have withdrawn your original investment you can become emotionally detached from the programme as you are no longer risking your own money. Fine in theory but I’m convinced that practice is completely different.

PTV Partner is a shining example of what I mean. Now I don’t have the official statistics but I’d bet money on it that most (and I’m not saying all) investors with PTV have already withdrawn their original investment. So the theory would then go that whatever happens to the programme we won’t get too hung up and give them time to sort things out.

I bet if you ask the admin Garrett whether this is how things are currently playing out he’d come back with some pretty harsh realities.

Instead of becoming emotionally detached from this OPM a lot of investors are crying out THIS IS MY MONEY AND I WANT IT NOW!!!!

In a recent newsletter Garrett bemoaned the fact that there are an unprecedented level of withdrawals currently in the system and they are struggling to cope with fulfilling them. In effect there is a virtual run on the bank.

To say that I am disappointed in this behaviour would be an understatement. PTV have treated its members much more fairly than pretty much any other investment I know of and yet they still get turned upon.

I’ll be the first to admit that I don’t understand all the ins and outs of the current problems that PTV are suffering from and I’m not able to guarantee that this won’t cripple the programme but at least I’m prepared to give Garrett and his team a fighting chance to sort things out.

At times like this Garrett will find out who his true friends are…will you be one of them? I know I will.

I do accept that Garrett has made mistakes, his latest newsletter announces a short term opportunity for those willing to invest $2,000. To me that was a serious PR mistake as this tactic has been used by other programmes that were close to collapse in a vain attempt to prolong things just a bit longer. Is this what PTV are also trying to do? I hope not but only time will tell.

My original investment was around $800 and I have recouped that and more so I truly am using OPM. Hopefully the programme will survive and I can continue to do so. If you are in a similar situation then I’d ask you to do the same.

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HCI25 post news on their Home Page…

April 13th, 2010 | Posted in hci25, Reverse Pension Plan

I don’t think anyone could single HCI25 out as providing consistency in the way they do things. Their latest news item appears on their home page and informs visitors that the latest LDTP will start tomorrow, 14 April.

Clearly it is too late to take part in this latest offering unless you have funds readily available in a payment processor so I’m not sure why they are making this particular announcement at this time. They also say that the next LDTP offering will be on May 17th.

I know from previous postings that I’ve seen on other forums that they tend to ignore any expressed doubt over their service but I do find it strange that they still publicise these new opportunities but won’t address genuine concerns that existing policy holders have, not the least of which is why they haven’t paid on previous LDTP schemes that have now matured.

As I understand it no LDTP will be paid out until the remainder of the RPP policies have been purchased. Whilst I find this somewhat difficult to understand they hold all the cards so there is not much we can do about it practically.

So, the news that there are now 190 RPP policies left should galvanise members to get this closed out and see whether the Emperor’s new clothes really do exist or not.

And yet…

Once again the update is not totally clear. Are there in fact only 190 policies left or do we need to add to that the 464 that have been confiscated from recently excluded clients?

They also report that they have sold 980 contracts in the second RPP they have started. That seems pretty bizarre to me as I’d have thought people would have purchased the first tranche so that they know the payout will happen before parting with any further funds…but then logic has always been a curse I’m saddled with!

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Cash Master blog provides useful reference…

April 12th, 2010 | Posted in blog review, cash master

I thought I’d take a little break from looking at online investments for this post and take a look at another blog that I often refer to.

It’s by Graham Laurie and is known as the Cash Master blog. Graham developed some software and a system for making money on horse racing.

As his experience has grown he is often asked or indeed decides for himself to try systems marketed by others. Now this may be either horse racing systems or other trading systems such as forex.

Given the number of systems that are out there and the seemingly never ending supply of new ones Graham decided some while ago to rope in some other volunteer testers to help out.

The result is that his blog is regularly updated with results of ongoing trials and as the tests end the reviewers provide a full report on how the system performed, what the final results were, the sort of response received on questions and finally whether the system is recommended for others.

In essence it provides a highly useful reference site for anyone who is looking to find a trading or horse racing system that they want to find more out about.

I should also mention that Graham has had success with the Ultimate FX Predictor forex trading system and he provides a very useful overview of the system he uses for this particular opportunity. Well worth a look if you are not having much luck yourself or are considering investing in it.

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